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YIN with a BHAKTI SPIN with Cilla Weisman & Raghunath

  • Supersoul Farm 365 Schillings Crossing Road East Chatham, NY, 12060 United States (map)

This 20 hour Yin Yoga course is an introductory level course that will give you the tenants and techniques to practice and teach Yin Yoga. Suitable for Registered Yoga Teachers as well as anyone who wishes to learn more about Yin Yoga and meditation practices.

Space is limited, register ASAP.  Camping spots available and commuters are welcome.


Yin Yoga is a unique style of asana where we are encouraged to find our individual edge of sensation and stay with this in stillness for several minutes. It's accessible for everyone and teaches us to be calm, still and introspective. There are so many physiological benefits, but the beauty of Yin Yoga lies in the subtle practice of self-study, meditation, and yogic philosophy. It can be a great tool to allow us to feel better in our bodies but also to experience a connection between mind, body, and spirit. When we overcome the mind we can better connect to our true nature: that part of us that is filled with unconditional love and compassion.

We will cover:

  • The anatomy of connective tissue, discussing fascia, joints, and bones.
  • Energetic anatomy: the koshas, pranayama techniques and how to incorporate them into your class.
  • Yin postures and their contraindications, modifications and benefits
  • How to sequence an intelligent and safe Yin class for your students or home practice.

There are qualities of Yin and Yang in everything in nature. To balance out this quiet, still and introspective practice we also offer a strong Vinyasa class and Kirtan. Each morning there is a 5am Satsang with Raghunath discussing the Bhagavad Gita and how to apply the philosophy to our lives.

Students will leave with the knowledge and confidence to design a Yin class, with much more to offer than just the physical postures.

This Yin training is unique from other Yin trainings because we incorporate the ancient teachings of India and Bhakti yoga. We will discuss the Energetic Anatomy of Prana Vayus, Nadis and Chakras. This training blends up to date anatomy with the timeless truths of Yoga philosophy to offer a Yin style class that can help you deepen your spiritual practice and broaden your perspective.  


*subject to slight modification

4pm Arrival
5pm Candlelight Yin for Hips and Heart followed by Opening Circle
7pm Dinner

5am Satsang & Gita with Raghunath
6am Asana, Pranayama and Mantra with Cilla and Noah
8am Breakfast
9:30am History of Yin; Principals & Tenants
11:30 Break
12 Anatomy of Connective Tissue
2pm Lunch
3pm Posture Lab- the asanas,variations, modifications, contraindications, verbal cues
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Kirtan

5am Satsang & Gita with Raghunath
6am Yin Yoga: Neck and Shoulders
8am Breakfast
9:30am Koshas & Energetic Anatomy
11:30am break
12-2pm How to Sequence, The Power of Intention - Holding Space, Emotional Release
2pm Lunch / Departures


- Friday evening opening program
- Daily yoga classes
- Training manual
- Evening satsangs + bonfire
- Saturday evening Maha Community Kirtan
- Amazing local, lovingly cooked and offered vegetarian / vegan meals:
Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast & lunch
- Accommodations for all budgets
- Optional picnic and pond swim (weather permitting)



Cilla Weisman RYT800, co-founder and instructor at Sukha Yoga in Burlington Vermont, is a lifelong student of the mind, body, and soul. She began a daily practice in 2001, and has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She believes strongly that as teachers and leaders in the community, we should continue our own sadhana and continually learn from our teachers and other uplifting people in order to better serve others. 

Cilla began her higher education with a Psychology degree from the University of Vermont.  Drawn more to Eastern philosophy and holistic medicine, she decided to attend Touchstone Healing Arts for an education in Massage and Bodywork. This school provided an in-depth training in anatomy, structural alignment, body mechanics, spirituality, and holistic health. As a practicing Massage Therapist, she has received certifications in Thai and Balinese Massage, Lymphatic drainage massage, Hot stone, Cupping, and Ayurvedic treatments. She completed her 200 hour teacher training locally (Burlington, VT) and spent several years teaching classes and assisting with 200 hour teacher trainings. She completed her first 500 hour Advanced training of Hatha Yoga under the Tantric Tradition in Bali, Indonesia. Here, she was able to refine her sequences, class structure and techniques, but more importantly, dive deeper into her own subtle practice. As much as she loved the Tantric techniques, it felt as though she was missing a deeper connection. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and at a time of great need, Raghunath appeared in Cilla’s life and changed it’s course forever by giving her the gift of Bhakti Yoga. This tradition helped connect many of the missing links she had been searching for and also introduced her to a community of higher thinking, simple living, devotion and love. She completed Raghu’s 500 hour Advanced YTT Cultural Immersion of Bhakti in India, where she was able to learn and explore the culture, ancient scriptures, music, and philosophy as well as discover a stronger connection to the divine. In addition, she is honored to have had the opportunity to sit with and learn from Raghu’s teacher, Radhanath Swami. Cilla is grateful for all of her teachers and forever indebted to them for changing her life. She tries to repay this debt by giving all that she has to her students, and by offering Seva in the community. She keeps her classes and teachings authentic by offering Bhakti with the hopes of inspiring others on their path and serving as a vessel to deliver positive transformation.

Always a student, Cilla has received continuing education and Certifications in Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Tune Up (self massage and therapy ball work) and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. She has over 60 hours of continuing education in anatomy, alignment, skillful assists and handstand preparation and practice. She is currently enrolled in a 200 hour Ayurvedic training through the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont. She offers 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings and continuing education courses regularly. 


Raghunath has been transforming people's lives since he was a teenager, when he got into yoga and clean, healthy living. As the lead singer and songwriter of two internationally-acclaimed bands that toured the world in the punk/hardcore music community, he made music that, while abrasive, was filled with positive uplifting and spiritual lyrics, transforming tens of thousands of fans' lives, espousing vegetarianism, karma, positive mental attitude and a drug-free life. At 22, he went to India where he lived in a Krishna-Bhakti ashram, taking vows of a monk. Over the course of his 6 years as a monk, he studied sacred literature, music, cooking, and the deeper facets of yogic culture. Considered a teacher's teacher, Raghunath is a gifted speaker and educator of self-transformation & spirituality. He travels internationally, leading teacher trainings, annual sold-out pilgrimages to India, and has been living the life of a yogi for 30 years. Presently, he's married with 5 children and is co-creating Supersoul Farm, an educational center in Canaan NY, with his wife Brij Cappo.


All prices include 2-night stay, all meals, 20 CEUs, training manual, and course fee and are per person (with the exception of double occupancy, which are for 2 adults, and commuter price which does not include accomodation).

Dorm: $525
Private King Room with shared bath: $1,000 double occupancy (or $500 per person)
Commuter: $400

Payment via check made out to Foundation for Inspired Living, Inc
25 Main Street
Chatham, NY 12037



Dorm: Male / Female dorms in the Yogi House with shared bathrooms
Private Room: King bed (or two twin beds) private room in the Yogi House, shared bathroom

Supersoul Farm is simple rural ashram in Upstate NY 2.5 hours north of NYC. This farm was created to host and educate students on deeper facets of yoga, trainings, kirtan and natural living. Our passion is education.


Metro North to Hudson, more info here
Possibility for carpool from NYC