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BORN TO GIVE: 30 Hour Yoga Teacher Toolbox with Raghunath & Justin Wolfer

  • Supersoul Farm 365 Schillings Crossing Road East Chatham, NY, 12060 United States (map)

Join Raghunath and Justin Wolfer of RISE Yoga and movement Saratoga Springs, NY for a teacher's immersion weekend where you can sharpen your tools for your teaching and your personal practice. Hosted by Supersoul Farm in East Chatham, NY. Commuters welcome. All food vegan/vegetarian with gluten free options.

If you love teaching yoga or simply just living the life of a yogi then this workshop is for you. As teachers, friends, parents and lovers, we take great pleasure in giving to others.. According to the sacred literature of India, we are actually born to give, rather than to take. Things that will ultimately have no value or be lost in the hands of time. In this weekend intensive you will sharpen your skills and fill up your yogi's toolbox with everything from physical upgrading of your asana practice, learning about bhandas, breath, mudras, refine alignment, yoga philosophy, kirtan, all set with a gorgeous back drop of mother nature at Supersoul Farm in East Chatham NY. This is a great chance to study with both Justin and Raghu together in a systematic and focused format.

Course Contents  

Raghunath & Justin will deliver their signature classes along with detailed workshops breaking down the intricacies of their teachings.

Raghunath will present pranayama, meditation, japa (chanting on mala beads), Kirtan, advanced asana, sequencing & assists. He also enthusiastically teaches dharma which he has studied extensively from the Indian epics Mahabharata, Ramayana, & Bhagavata Purana, which tell the stories of gods, goddesses and avatars of prehistoric India.

Justin will focus on sharpening your tools of observation into an integrative approach towards teaching students individually and within a group environment. You will learn centering Skills to find optimal positioning for your students, in depth analysis of anatomy, biomechanics of movement, adaptation (the study of how we change), How to skillfully lead Surya Namaskar facilitating union of breath, posture and dristhi.

Daily Schedule

*subject to slight modifications
5:30-6am Dharma, Chanting, Pranayama, Japa
7-8:30am Asana Practice
8:30-9:30am Breakfast
10-1:30am Morning Session(s)
1:30-2:30 Lunch
3-5pm Afternoon Session(s)
6-7:30 Satsang
7:30 Dinner

Course Fee

$600 for nice dorm style accommodations

$650 for double private room (no private bath)

$400 for commuting / camping


  • All vegan/veg (gluten free upon request)
  • Any study materials or handouts
  • Accommodation and tuition

About Raghunath

Raghunath is a teacher's teacher who's been traveling the globe spreading the message of yoga, wellness, yogic lifestyle and sacred kirtan. He leads training's and pilgrimages annually in India and is the co-founder of Supersoul Farm.

About Justin

I am a dedicated student of all paths that bring me to balance, joy, and peace. Initially, my yoga practice served as a means to rehabilitate physical injuries sustained during my career in college athletics. Over time, yoga became a transformative path towards greater understanding, physical balance, internal strength, mental clarity and self-awareness. For the past three years, I have created and directed The Skillful Action Yoga Training I also lead dynamic workshops across the country. It has been my intention for a long time to open a community center in which anybody and everybody can find the practices of yoga. I have put my heart and sole into the opening of RISE Yoga and Movement Arts Center; it’s the culmination of my life’s work so far. I am beyond grateful to be able to share my vision with all of you.